How’d I come up with my website name? Did I just close my eyes and pick one?

I wish it were that easy. A lot of the good ones were taken already ;) Seriously though, I did give the name a lot of thought. Ultimately, my passion for and philosophy about mental health are the reasons I settled on the name of my psychiatry practice:

1. Nature vs nurture in mental illness.

In psychiatry, the most common answer to the question, “What causes depression, schizophrenia, bipolar, et cetera?” is “Genes AND environment”. And most of the time, the answer leans heavily towards environment. That means parents, friends, early childhood figures, neighborhood and community you grew up in had a major impact in molding you into who they are today. For better or for worse.

2. How I practice.

My first foray into the mental health field was through psychology, which hugely emphasizes “nurture”. Therapists are most often considered nurturers. That doesn’t always mean they’re fuzzy-wuzzy hand holders, but rather, that they can emotionally fulfill the role of a patient’s ideal early childhood caregiver while maintaining healthy boundaries. Many therapists work to directly and indirectly communicate that you are valuable and worthy. They let you know that it’s safe to be yourself. They give you the supplies you need to grow and thrive. They, and I, aim to nurture my patients’ strengths so they can realize more of their potential.

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3. Personal experience.

When I look back on my own life, I believe that I was also nurtured to achieve what I consider to be my current success. I came across so many wonderful, inspiring, encouraging people who helped me focus on my strengths and push forward to reach my goals. These people gave me hope and taught me invaluable skills that I’ve used ever since. After overcoming some huge obstacles, I’m eternally grateful, and I strongly believe that I can help other motivated people in the same ways. I believe that it is one of the most rewarding things I could do in life. On top of that, getting compensated for what I love to do pretty much makes it my dream job!


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